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Domain names are integral part when it comes to a website. Domain names are the easiest means to reach a portal on the net. Each domain names would be different except those attached to its extensions (e.g. .com, .net. in etc). This is almost similar concept as one has his/her home address! Domain names are usually IP addresses behind the curtains and readable by computer devices. Domains are usually available for 'rent'. A domain cannot be completely owned by an individual/institution, but they can keep on hold till the time they pay a nominal user fee every year or multiple years together. Once the temporary owner is failed to renew the Domain, then it can be occupied by another by paying the fee from thereafter. Registrars are the real owners of the Domains. They are authorized by ICANN (Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers).

You can register all domains with Nexenon Solutions. The most popular domains are .com, .net, .org, .gov, .asia, .in etc, which are usually called as TLDs (Top Level Domains). There are many more TLDs available. One should be very careful while selecting names as domain names, as we said earlier, it is going to determine in which address the website is going to be. Domains are available from Rs.500 depends on various offers available time to time. Almost all domain providers are offering few add-on features along with the purchase of domains like Domain Locking, Theft Protection, Domain Control Panels, Email Accounts etc. But choosing a right and reliable provider is always lying with the Buyer. Nexenon Solutions always been a reliable service provider in Domain Services. 


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We have got an amazing website done from Nexenon Solutions recently, and we are very happy and satisfied with the way they have delivered. Thanks and all the best to the team - Richard, Acoustech Solutions ....
The website designed by Nexenon for Blue Eye Automation has helped us a lot to improve our reputation and boosted our market value. It has everything we need for our business, and many appreciated the site appearance. Thanks to all at Nexenon.- Nithin, Director, Blue Eye Automation Pvt Ltd....
We have been associated with Nexenon Solutions for almost 3 years. They have been assisting us on all web related issues. We are happy with their Customer Service. - Manivannan, CEO, Eappsmantra Software Solutions....
We have observed the project work by Nexenon on our website was well ordered and disciplined, which helped us a lot in SEO activities.- Pranav, Avianinc Interior Solutions...

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